About Me
Hi there! I’m Darryl, a Game Developer currently residing in Brisbane. I’ve always found these bio pages extremely difficult to write, so if you have any questions you can always shoot me an email at dlong03111994@gmail.com! I’m mainly a games programmer, but I’m always looking to learn new skills that can help me become the best developer I can be.

I completed a Bachelor of IT/Commerce(Finance) in 2016 and after working for 6 months I’ve found that it is extremely difficult to motivate yourself to work on something that you are not passionate about. I decided to make a change and try out game development, which is something that I’ve always been curious about and wanted to do. I’m currently finishing up my studies at SAE/QANTM, where I’ve worked on multiple projects and have loved the experience of creating games and after finishing a project I can’t wait to start my next one. A big shout out to Tony, Steve and Iain who are lecturers at SAE and have been great mentors in teaching me critical aspects about game development, not just about how to code games but the ins and out around game development.

There have been 2 standout projects for me since I’ve begun developing games and they are ‘I Really Need This Job’ and ‘Late Night Wanderer‘. I Really Need this job was a small puzzle game about an intern who needs to navigate their way through a maze of traps to deliver coffee to their boss. I enjoyed the premise that the game had and it allowed Nick and I to really have fun with the game and come up with some silly ideas. Another standout game was Late Night Wanderer, which is a horror game about paranoia and walking home alone at night. This game had a shaky development where we were constantly changing the game throughout its 5 week development. However, in the end we were able to create something simple that delivered exactly what we wanted to players. This project gained quite a lot of attraction on YouTube clocking in at over 200,000 views collectively.

I am a passionate games programmer who’s always looking to learn and improve. I’ve worked heavily in C# and Unity, but also have experience in other languages and tools such as JavaScript, Java, PHP, C, MySQL. I’ve had experience working in groups and am extremely familiar in working with project tracking, task management and version control tools such as JIRA, HackNPlan, SourceTree, GitHub, SVN. I classify myself as a programming generalist with a favouring towards gameplay programming. I consider myself to have strong work ethic and problem solving skills and will always work through until a problem is solved. 

In my spare time I enjoy playing competitive FPS games, RPG games, D&D, Board Games and Soccer. Some of my favourite games are Counter Strike, God Of War(2018) and the Uncharted series.

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat don’t hesitate to email me at dlong03111994@gmail.com.