Dev Blog Week 3 – Brief + Documentation

This week I was feeling sick and didn’t manage to make it to the class but kept in touch with my other team members for the ragdoll gamejam. There was a bug with the ragdoll spawning where the ragdoll kept spawning lower and lower through the floor. I had to try and debug the problem during the lesson time while I was at home, ┬áthe problems turned out to be that the gameobject was being passed into the spawn function rather than a prefab, this meant that the offset was relative to where the gameobject was in the world. This was a useful experience to debug a problem with the game with a time constraint, once the problem was finished we uploaded the game up to the gamejam.


We also received the brief for our first assignment due in a few weeks and it is important to begin work on the assignment now to get ahead. This week was quite a busy week for me due to other assessment and I don’t think I was able to get as much work done as I wanted for the assignment. The first thing that I do when I receive a brief is to type out once again the main points of the brief and what I need to do, this allows me to read and process the information and makes sure that I don’t miss any key points. The requirements for the assignment was to create a 3D physics boulder game, similar to games such as Giant Boulder of Death or Rock of Ages.


Due to the limited time I had I decided to put my focus in finding a definite idea of what I wanted to create for the assignment. The specifications is an important aspect of the game design process, it allows me to put my ideas down on paper and properly define how the mechanics of the game. In conclusion this week other than the coding during the lesson to fix the ragdoll game it was mostly about reading and understanding the brief, and writing out and planning how the game will work.

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