Dev Blog Week 2 – Ragdoll Physics

This is the second week of university and the second development blog post for GAM111 and this week I went through and playtested the other game jam games. During class, we went through a list of common problems that everyone had and explored some possible solutions to these problems. Possibly if there was more time available to me, I would continue to work the twin stick shooter improving on the solutions explored in the class. However, Steve gave us another game jam task to work on throughout the week and this time the focus was on ragdoll and experimenting with games that incorporate ragdoll physics. Another aspect of this task is that we were to attempt the game jam collaboratively in groups, I had the opportunity to work with Niels and Victor this week.

The first thing we did was discuss what we wanted to do with the game and decided on creating a small minimal ragdoll sandbox game. The next thing we did was to create a repository and added everyone to the collaborators list, this allowed us to create changes and simultaneously on the same project while maintaining backups of the project. We divided up the features that we wanted to implement to each person, I was responsibleĀ forĀ the camera controls and creating objects for the ragdoll to interact with.

I was successfully able to add cars into the scene by adding a spawn point that generated a slightly modified version of the car from standard assets. The cars initially accepted user input but I instead modified the script to automatically move forward and despawn if they fall off the map. I was quite pleased with the way that I was able to read through the script and identify the parts of the code that I needed to change to receive the results that I wanted. Another aspect of the game jam that I was working on was the camera controls, this meant once again working with Quaternions a concept that I have had problems with since working with Unity. However, this time I had better luck working with it and managed to get the camera working and rotating as it touches the edges of the screen. The main problems we had were with sharing a unity project in a repository, merging changes on a scene is extremely problematic; additionally, the library folder was accidentally added to the repository which had horrible merge problems with other users and myself.

In conclusion this week we were able to collaborate well to achieve the outcome we wanted for the project. The main problem, however, was with the repository and collaborating on the same project at once, this was the first time I’ve worked with multiple people on a single unity project and I’ve learnt multiple things of how Unity and repositories interact. Overall this week’s game jam went well and there were lessons learnt on how Unity works with repositories.

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